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I was inspired to make music by Jack Johnson, Kanye West, & Bon Iver. That’s one strange mix of input, and the output reflects that.

It’s a 30-minute album where each track flows into the next. For my next musical project, I’m going to make the bass & drums are a more prominent part of the mix.

Top 3 tracks:

  • Gold
  • Junglecats
  • 30% Stardust

Credits: Timmothy Stollenwork – Mastering Engineer • Kelly Kelso – French Horn & Trumpet • Alexander Pabst – Bass Guitar • Thomas Meinzen – Grand Piano • Alex Dunn – Electric Guitar • Calvin Yue – Clarinet • Nicole Wade – Saxophone • Titus – Cello • Wimon Waddell – Synthesizer • Yonathan Gonzalez – Bass Guitar • Field Zhang Jong – Concert Piano • Patrick ‘Big Daddy Kale’ Adams – Electric Guitar • Guest Vocalists: Kharim Barthson • Siri Vik • Ana Araya • Dana ‘ The Lion, Woke’ Thomas • Ronan Cho • Alan Strickland •

Consistently Inconsistent

Music in the works, at various stages of completion. To be compiled in an upcoming EP

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