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Supporting The Show

There are many ways you can support the show!

Social Media

Following and engaging with posts on social media helps to build community. It’ll start off small, but every retweet & share helps greatly!





If you want to go the extra mile, posting a thoughtful sentence or two about an episode, and linking to the show is one of the main ways that a show like this grows.

Leave A Review

Leaving a review for the show on Apple’s podcast platform helps out because Apple uses that and ranks it higher in searches.

It takes a minute or two and would help me out greatly!

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Cash Money

If you’re at a place financially that you can afford to help me create content, it’s much appreciated ❤

Patreon: Pledging $1 a month helps improve the quality and quantity of talks: 

One time donation:

The Show

Open-minded conversations with people from all walks of life.

If Joe Rogan’s show is too bro-ey for you & Sam Harris’ is too academic, this may be the show for you. I try to find the perfect balance between entertaining and educational. The show’s goal is to be filled with content that is timeless, impactful, actionable, educational, and enjoyable.

Overall, it’s great conversations with even better people.


If you’re interested in booking a show or suggesting a guest, send an email to

Booking Email Template

Subject:  Booking A Talk

Hi Tyger,

I’d like to book a show.

  1. Include a short bio
  2. List of topics you’d want to discuss
  3. Dates & times that are available for booking



Suggesting Email Template

Subject: Suggesting A Talk

Hi Tyger,

I’ve got a guest suggestion.

  1. Their name
  2. Reason for suggestion
  3. Their contact info



The show is based in Eugene, Oregon

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